What is Notes for a new world order?
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Artist Nicky Coutt’s note
Artist Jessie McLaughlin outside her old Primary School
Jessie’s note
Curator Nathalie Boobis at a portal to another dimension
Nathalie’s note
Artist Dafne Boggeri in Parco Sempione

Dafne’s note – audio track Alliance

Architect Wynn Pramana Chandra in her neighbourhood

It’s the year 2117 and we are living in a harmoniously fragmented world. Geographical borders between countries are loosely enforced, but each and every nation is split into clearly demarcated territories with walls dividing two opposing socio-political ideologies.

The ‘Inner States’
With advancement of technology and robotics took over most jobs, the ‘universal wage’ had come to play to drive the consumerist society on autopilot. e citizens of the Inner State waved goodbye to countless menial work so yes, you will find robots waiting your table instead. Bleak, you might think, and indeed some people lost their purpose of life now that one can afford to live decently without ever getting out of bed. The rest however, found the joy in the time they spend contributing to the community and interacting with people they actually care about, not because they might leave a good tip.

The ‘Outer States’
Coined as the ‘outer’ as they only usually occupy the outer boundaries of a nation when it has a stretch of coastline. A er all, the fervently nature loving citizens need a good access to the beach. They opted the world without mass automation and industrialisation where preservation of nature and sustainable practices are the norm. Naturally in the Outer States agriculture equals power which inevitably propels the race to become landowners. It is the survival of the fittest, or those born to the privilege to claim the soil. You work hard to earn a piece of mother earth but the sweet breeze of nature is worthy of your drop of sweat.

There are two currencies and each nation elects two leaders under one flag. Citizens of the world are free to travel, live and work in whichever territories in any country of their choosing, but there are no exchange of goods or currencies across Inner and Outer states. A er all, the sovereignty of the two opposing ideologies and is what binds the nations as one.

Wynn’s note

Writer and Artist D Mortimer in Hampstead Heath
D’s note: postcard of Michelangelo Caravaggio’s John the Baptist (1604), silicone dildo, pine leaf from the grass at Kew Gardens, 1st Edition of ‘The Autobiography of Alice B. Tolkas’ by Gertrude Stein (1933), acorn type thing from the pavement
Writer & Social Justice Seeker Jo Tedds in her old neighbourhood
Jo’s note
Artist Lalu Delbracio in her studio
Lalu’s note
Vwede Okorefe at DIY Space for London
Vwede’s note
Artist Hannah Jetschmann in her neighbourhood
Hannah’s note
Artist Luz Elena on her rooftop
Luz’s note
New media artist & Design educator Nicole Killian around the corner
Nicole’s note (60 second clip)
Photographer Egle Trezzi on the football pitches
Egle’s note
Artist Martina Corà and Unà up in the Italian mountains
Martina’s note

3rd April 2017