Notes for a new world order imagines a future through the minds of women and non-binary creatives and thinkers of today. It is an ongoing collection of possibility that expands the voices already present in the building of our current culture and society.

In the assembling of the archive we are acting as facilitators, interested in the potential outcomes of collective conversation that is left free to flow in different directions. As the archive expands outwards a series of unexpected connections are forming.

The growing archive forms a foundation for various ‘Portals’ to come into being; offshoots and access points into alternative realities. Portal #1 was created and first exhibited for the Artquest Lifeboat Residency – an utopian future ‘built’ from the notes so far collected, imprinted onto the planetary movements of Trappist-1, the newly discovered Solar System.¬†Portal #1 has also been exhibited at Nowhere Gallery, Milan.

Notes for a new world order is ultimately a project that wants to re-imagine both the future and the present, not as a form of escapism but as a catalyst for a discourse on the unfixed scenarios ahead of us.

Accompanying text by Nathalie Boobis, 2017

The advancement of human civilisation has gone hand in hand with greater degrees of human and environmental subjugation and destruction. The author of this trajectory of progress has mainly been white, western patriarchy. In order that their worldview could flourish, other ways of doing and thinking have had to be suppressed. Buried beneath the glossy surface of neoliberal hegemony that dominates our present, and is set to dictate our future, exists an ecology of alternative knowledges and ideas for organising human society. Every dream of a different future that sits in the shadow of the current world order holds within it the possibility of its own realisation. Beyond the existing paradigm are numerous, other ways of doing, living and being.

Historically, women have not been granted much authority to write societal or global futures, instead they have been consigned to dreaming in the shadows. Beyond Beyond have set about collecting these dreams, and the faces of the women that dare to dream them. We need look no further than The Bible or Capitalism to see the power of language and narratives to write whole systems of government. As Beyond Beyond build their archive of world visions by creative women they also start to amass a powerful tool; the blueprints for potentially more fulfilling, fair and sustainable, presents and futures. The same power of fiction as reality that has been used to seduce us could also rewrite our future trajectories. Notes for a new world order does not comprise a singular vision imposed by the few but a heterogeneous and elastic commons crafted by the many. The next stage of the project for Beyond Beyond is to collect the dreams of women beyond the creative field, adding the voices of female scientists, sociologists, historians, philosophers, architects, engineers, and more. As the archive grows, so the visions gain substance and ultimately a real proposition for a different future can emerge. There is much to suggest that we are positioned to witness the fall of our civilisation and we must be ready with our Notes for a new world order if we are to craft different ones in its place.

Nathalie Boobis is part of the ‘Notes for a new world’ archive and curator of¬†‘Our House of Common Weeds’