Following the current global political events, we began a new archive. Notes for a new world order imagines a future through the minds of creative women (and whoever identifies as such or with) of today. It is an ongoing collection of possibility.

In the building of the archive we are acting as facilitators, interested in the potential outcomes of collective conversation that is left free to flow in different directions. As the archive expands outwards a series of unexpected connections are forming.

The growing archive forms a foundation for various ‘Portals’ to come into being; offshoots and access points into alternative realities. Portal #1 took place in London, June 2017 – an utopian future ‘built’ from the notes so far collected, imprinted onto the planetary movements of Trappist-1, the newly discovered Solar System (or “Sister”).

Notes for a new world order is ultimately a project that wants to re-imagine both the future and the present, not as a form of escapism but as a catalyst for a discourse on the unfixed scenarios ahead of us.

The Ongoing Archive ~ Portal #1